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This Months Special Prints at a Discounted Price—Only Online!

While my prints are available in galleries, I make special prints available on my website, approximately every month. These prints are at a special savings over the gallery price, and are created specifically for your order online. These prints are hand crafted on silver gelatin paper (for black and white images) and Chromogenic C prints (for color images). They are mounted on archival museum board, matted, and signed by me, and have a special collectors certificate attached to the back. The price for these images is $500, plus a modest shipping charge.


Splayed Reeds, Deschutes River, Bend, Oregon.
© Michael Axel. All Rights Reserved.

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Fort Rock, Oregon
© Michael Axel. All Rights Reserved.

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Axel will soon announce two new workshops:

  1. Introduction to Large Format Photography
  2. Introduction to the Darkroom

These workshops will be held in Bend, Oregon, with short trips around Central Oregon to capture some spectacular images. Check back toward the end of September for more information.

Books Available by Axel


Iridescent Light - The Art of Stand Development” is the first and only book dedicated the the techniques, tools, and tips to get you started with stand development. This technique gives you long tonal ranges in your black and white work, and the process is very easy and simple. All you need to know is what tools, film, and developers to use.

You can purchase ”Iridescent Light” at Blurb.com.


Winters Chant” is Axel’s first book of his photography, and not about photography. This beautifully photographed and processed book of color images is his first book of color images. As a child, Axel photographed and wandered about the Winter landscape of his home near Portland, Oregon. He saw beautiful, rich colors, not the starkness so many see. In this book, he captures his world around the Deschutes River and Forest of Central Oregon. Interspersed among the photos are related prayers, chants, and other spiritual writings related to Winter.

You can purchase ”Winters Chant” at Blurb.com.

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